2017 January 10, 2017 14:30

Happy New Year babes!!!

I have so many amazing things in store for you this year, new styles, collections and retail locations...I can't wait to walk through it all, step by step with you by my side! The most recent flash sale was a huge success, thank you to all that placed orders with me, you will look gorgeous in your new fringes!! 

My next move is infiltrating my newfound love of all things copper and the decor trend into my leather pieces, I know y'all will love it because I am already swooning. Stay tuned for posts and pictures. 

Cheers to this new opportunity we all have, let this year be the most amazing of them all. You have in your hands a fresh start and a clean slate...don't let this go to waste, the power of recreating yourself lies in your pretty hands!

Love yourself first, the rest will follow.