The Projected Abode


We bought the house in late July of 2018, the days were long & anticipation was at its peak. We spent our nights on the new screened in porch drinking wine and dreaming of our projected future, eagerly awaiting football season. We knew this home needed some love, we knew it wasn't perfect but it was perfect for us; for our reality in this moment and chapter of life. What we did not account for is how looks can be deceiving and not all past home owners/sellers are honest. It’s one of those naive thoughts you think because you're naturally an optimist. Only months into our ownership the kitchen floors started bowing and loosening, the unnoticed cut corners began to surface and we very quickly learned what we had gotten ourselves into. Uncertainty met with excitement and fear from lack of means to make it happen dissipated through our deep connection of “project-ing.” Welcome to our home renovation realities conduit; The Projected Abode.


Jason and I met in the winter of 2018 and our relationship grew rapidly into love and an incredible friendship. With an undeniable spark in our creative visions, our partnership was destined for more than your average love interest. We are obsessed with figuring out life for ourselves and creating what we can't find for the price we want; often journeying down the road less traveled. We love re-purposing furniture and recycling materials to create something beautiful. We don't like to ask for help as we are impossibly stubborn, we DIY our way through all obstacles contributing to a hilarity aspect in our project life…a constant witty banter keeps my babe on his toes. With two terribly different backgrounds in life; a side hustle in step-momming and playing daddy...we somehow fell into the same category of passion. He is my best friend, my handyman, my numbers guy, my partner in crime. We build what we want, we thrift what we find, he doesn't look at me like I'm crazy when I pick up trashed furniture on the side of the’s a love affair of all things creative and a need to entrepreneur our way through this beautiful chaos of life. 


Watch us work together day and night to reach our goals of home ownership and adulting. Never a dull moment with my forever roommate...I can't promise professional but I can promise entertainment & quality. Check us out to gain inspiration for your next home project and witness our dreams come to life! ps. we make really pretty things!