Bridesmaid Bracelets: Gold Braided

$ 48.00

  • Email me for group pricing!
  • These gorgeous wrap bracelets are perfect for your special day! They make incredible gifts for all your best girls and they can be worn for so many occasions after. 
  • Handbraided and hand cut leather, these are triple wraps and each had a little charm on the clasp (Arrowhead, feather, bead etc.) various charms can be requested, especially if you have one in mind that would work better with your wedding theme.
  • The leather does stretch up to 20% longer if you have a bridesmaid that needs a larger one, just pull gently on the leather and the warmth of your wrist will allow for a more comfortable fit! 
  • These can be customized for any occasion, email me at ( for requests!
  • also available in many colors, ie. silver, gold, black, grey, brown, purple, cream, etc...

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