Sioux Choker

$ 86.00

  • This Choker was named after Native American Chief, Sitting Bull (c.1831-1890) under his leadership, the Sioux tribes united in their struggle for survival on the North American Great Plains. Sitting Bull is remembered for his great courage and his stubborn determination to resist white domination.
  • This Pendant speaks to me on its representation of strength, fight for your tribe and not against them... together we are stronger. 
  • This shimmery piece is so much fun to wear and it makes a huge statement! 
  • The pave crystal bull pendant may slightly vary in look and shape of horns based on the vendor ordered from; but it will always consistently be handmade, covered beautifully in shimmery rhinestones & the size will remain approximately 70 millimeters in length (give or take) 

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