Summer Vibes June 05, 2017 18:50

Hello warm weather & wayyyy cuter outfits! Our favorite season is finally upon us, boat rides on Lake Norman, cutoff jean shorts, beachy hair and naturally all the fun bohemian fringy attire our hearts desire!

I am so excited to be designing pretty things for all of you throughout these wonderful months. Some of my summer favorites include the new feather headbands I've recently started making (only $30 and so much fun to wear! They also double as a choker too!) The Nakota Wrap necklace is also a perfect versatile piece for the summer, she can be worn as a headband, multiple ways as a choker, as a bracelet, or even as a belt!

My go-to's are obviously the Apache and DayTripper Fringe in metallic gold, whiskey/saddle brown and my NEWEST favorite color, the metallic silver...OMG you HAVE to have something in this shade, its to DIE!!!

Feel free to email me or text me for custom requests, especially for the DREAMCATCHERS! They can be made in literally any color scheme; feel free to pinterest an idea and send it my way to replicate, or if you just want a solid white, grey or black one, those are seriously stunning! I firmly believe every one of you babes needs at least one dreamer in your home somewhere...they just bring positive vibes and good juju all around. I sleep with one over my bed at night and I have two more in my living poor darling Brett lol. He is so tolerant with all my designs EVERYWHERE!

Anyways, just wanted to touch base, I never post on here, clearly since my last post was just after new I love you tons! Thank you for all of your patience with shipping, posting and especially for all of your support in sending me new customers and photos of your purchases. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to see how stunning you all look in something I've handmade just for you! Keep them coming loves!!!





2017 January 10, 2017 14:30

Happy New Year babes!!!

I have so many amazing things in store for you this year, new styles, collections and retail locations...I can't wait to walk through it all, step by step with you by my side! The most recent flash sale was a huge success, thank you to all that placed orders with me, you will look gorgeous in your new fringes!! 

My next move is infiltrating my newfound love of all things copper and the decor trend into my leather pieces, I know y'all will love it because I am already swooning. Stay tuned for posts and pictures. 

Cheers to this new opportunity we all have, let this year be the most amazing of them all. You have in your hands a fresh start and a clean slate...don't let this go to waste, the power of recreating yourself lies in your pretty hands!

Love yourself first, the rest will follow.



Football Season! July 25, 2016 13:44

Hi loves!!!

As you know, football season is right around the corner, my absolute favorite time of year! The weather cools down, the beer is cold and the energy from the city is buzzing with excitement. I have so much planned for you as the season progresses; new styles, new retail locations and new partners I'm collaborating with! I also plan on hosting several trunk shows around the city to ensure that all your football fashion needs are met!

While my designs are very different from the average tassel necklace and some may find these pieces challenging to style...keep in mind, my goal is to create conversational pieces that celebrate your ability to exercise fashion freedom with a bohemian twist. These pieces have a story behind them and I can guarantee that while wearing each and every piece, you will be stopped by a stranger at least once to ask what it is, where you purchased it and if they can touch it! Don't be surprised if someone reaches out to feel the product, it has happened to me on many occasions!

Each piece is completely handmade, from the tannery to hand cutting into strips, 100% New Zealand Deerskin Vegan tanned leather! No animals were harmed specifically for jewelry purposes. Working with leather is a reincarnate way to celebrate the animal with a new life, a beautiful piece to wrap around you! For every purchase with Ellison|James, a percentage is donated to the Mental Health Association (please see The Cause for more information)

I can only hope that you as the stylist, can find as much joy and fun in wearing one of my fringe pieces as I experienced while creating it for you!

I look forward to customizing this football season for you in every way that I can, through custom colors and styles, your input is so valuable to me! Don't hesitate to email me or text me with your feedback, your story, your experience with Ellison|James as a whole...I am creating for YOU...your support means the world to me!

Thank you so much for joining me for another amazing year of Carolina Football! I cannot wait to celebrate every Sunday with you!

#KeepPounding #PantherNation

Xo, Preston

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