Panthers Tailgate 

Welcome to Ellison James! 


I'm Preston! Born and raised Charlottean, designer and owner of Ellison James. This journey began with my love for the Carolina Panthers and my passion for this city! After many failed attempts at finding the perfect game-day accessories, I made it my mission to create them myself. A bright blue shimmery pair of Panthers earrings made their debut in the Fall of 2013! Having received the most flattering compliments and friends eager to get their hands on a pair representing their alma matter, my dream of designing came to fruition! My ideas and designs expanded and spiraled off into many directions, landing on the most amazing muse of them all. Leather and fringe everything, my style is boho casual but I love to dress up too so I needed something that was suitable for both occasions! 
The name Ellison James originates from family. My mothers maiden name is Ellison. I love this name, I have always wanted to incorporate it into the future names of my children. My mother has four sisters, no male to carry on the name and I never met my grandmother, she passed before I was born. James was my fathers father, whom I also never met. I thought the combination of these two family names sounded beautiful together, and thus my company became a brand! Ellison for my sweet mom and James for my adorable dad. A tribute to family, to the grandparents I never had the pleasure of knowing!
I believe that any woman has the power to create her own future and design a life she loves though creativity. Nothing is more powerful than making something from nothing and working with your hands, it's a satisfaction impossible to explain. I am an advocate for the DIY method in all things, I prefer to make everything myself, it's an addiction that my darling Brett sees firsthand and he is beyond patient when it comes to my projects and spray paint messes! Love local, shop small.


My line represents a certain boldness of the spirit and the vivacious nature of the daring young bohemians. Every woman has a little bit of gypsy in them, channel your energy into wearing something different, be trendy but don't fear the unknown. My goal is to create conversational pieces that represent absolute fashion freedom. I can only hope that you as the stylist can find as much joy in wearing one of my pieces as I experienced while creating it specifically for you! 
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