The Cause

A percentage of every sale made with Ellison|James is donated to

Mental Health America.

This foundation is extremely important to me and has great significance in relation to my life.

My whole life starting in elementary school through high school and into college, I was faced with bullying and emotional conflict. I experienced things that no young girl should ever have to go through. Abusive relationships; mental and physical, public humiliation, horrible online threats, the years of manipulation just continued to add up. I hid my struggles very well, I masked the hurt by going out and trying to drink away my pain. I was under so much pressure that I worked out to the point of exhaustion, I was depressed, I was so very sad. I was angry at everything, if you knew me between the ages of 10 to 24, I was like a ticking time bomb. Hiding this kind of pain was the hardest thing. Not feeling like you have anyone to run to is really scary and naturally I hid everything from my family. I had a relationship built on lies with my parents, I was ashamed by what I was experiencing & I was terrified of being vulnerable.

The thing that always kept me going and my passion for living alive was creating. I filled my days with projects and painting and cutting up clothes and dreaming of a future in fashion. I decorated my life with pretty things to distract from the emotional part. I made scarves, jean shorts, reconstructed my jewelry, fell in love with curtains and painting mirrors and taking photos. My dream of what I wanted to "be" when I "grow up" shifted from clothing designer to professional photographer to interior decorator. Creation in general was my calling. I couldn't get enough of it, all I did was make things after work, between classes, on weekends...Then Pinterest was born and that's an entirely different kind of addiction!

The reason behind why I chose Mental Health America is because mental health is so very important, especially when you are a vulnerable young woman. Its is important to know that life is beautiful and by channeling your energy into something constructive; the life you live can improve tremendously. This is the message I want to send to young girls, especially those struggling with similar issues life myself. My goal for the future is to host art therapy workshops for young girls; everything from painting, photography, building home decor to jewelry making. These are positive activities that encouraged me not to give up, this is therapy, these things have healing powers. The gratification in something you've made by hand is exciting, uplifting and very powerful emotionally. I want to show these girls their potential, we are in the age of an entrepreneurial shift where becoming your own boss is not unlikely. That is something to work towards; this generation holds the power to create their own future!

I am so thankful that I found my passion and I feel extremely blessed that it has turned into a career. Through my own healing process and re-learning how to be a happy normal functioning human, I have found true happiness. I have become more courageous, unafraid of judgment, bold, outspoken, confident in my abilities; I have a that fire inside me that I wont ever let go of! I cannot wait to show it to the world and hopefully change someone else's life the way mine has!